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13 June: Browse This.

7 June: Microsoft: "Who's your daddy?"

6 June: Netscape: "We quit."

6 June: DOM Resources updated.

5 June: OmniWeb and standards.

23 May: WestCiv updates online CSS Guide.

11 May: Size Matters: Working around screwy inheritance models. »

13 April: Opal Group's SelectORacle turns CSS-2 selectors into English. More CSS info »

9 April: Browser Upgrade pages updated. »

7 April: They're ba-ack ... after a long hiatus, the classic WaSP CSS Samurai pages are back where they belong. »

26 March—Co-founder Veen rejoins WaSP Steering Committee.

20 March—W3C What's New touts WaSP Browser Upgrades campaign.

7 March—In an interview at MacSlash, Zeldman answers questions about the WaSP Browser Upgrades campaign.

7 March—Developer Tips substantially updated.

16 February—WaSP launches Browser Upgrades campaign. We've given you code and tips, and created a simple user education page you can copy or link to as you choose.

  1. Press Release »
  2. What is This? »
  3. Developer Tips »
  4. Response »

Webreview: The WaSP is Back, Stinger and All. (5 January)

WaSP presents at Story and pictures. (9 December)

WaSP applauds Netscape 6 as milestone toward a standards-based Web. (Press Release, 5 December)

EDU: Writing standard JavaScript at Webreference. (29 January)

WORDS: An Inexact Science: Zeldman touts standards at PDN. (2 February)

::: Dumbill on The State of XML :::
::: On Display: XML Web Pages With Mozilla — St. Laurent on XML support in Mozilla, Opera, and IE.
::: More XML >>

::: Zeldman on CSS
::: Eric Meyer: Use the Right Doctype
::: Why IE5/Mac Matters
::: Why Gecko Matters


the WaSP in action

WaSP activities and press statements, plus useful information on web standards.


How We Spent Our Summer Vacation
::: 20 July. WaSP slams Netscape for "endless delays."
::: 13 April. WaSP explains IE5.5 beef.
::: A small flurry of press.
::: 10 April. WaSP blasts IE 5.5 "break with standards."
::: 10 April. Ed Dumbill interviews Zeldman about the WaSP for XML.Com.
::: 27 Mar. WaSP praises IE5/Mac, urges Microsoft "finish the job."
:::2 Feb. The WaSP issues its Statement on XHTML and other standards.
::: 27 Jan. The WaSP welcomes Simon St.Laurent to its Steering Committee.
::: 26 Jan. The WaSP makes the front page at when Adobe features an interview with George Olsen about the Web Standards Project.

::: 31 Dec. The WaSP welcomes Sally Khudairi and Michael Sweeney to the Steering Committee.
::: 21 Sept. The WaSP praises Microsoft's decision to focus on standards in Mac IE5.
::: 7 Sept. The WaSP Educational FAQ helps you make sense of existing and developing standards.
::: 1 Sept. The WaSP CSS Samurai present Mac/IE's Top 10 Problems.
::: 11 Aug. The Standards Now drive.
::: 1000 web designers sign petition.
::: 19 July: WaSP supports Web Accessibility
::: 1 May: WaSP voted second place in's Web Innovator of the Year Awards.
::: 7 April: WaSP issues State of the Web Address.
::: Does the WSP hate Microsoft?
::: On the release of IE5.

::: Opera's Top 10 CSS Problems. Part 2 in a series.
::: War Stories! We ask Netscape, Microsoft, to feel your pain.

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