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Support standards, encourage upgrades

Learn about and use web standards while encouraging user upgrades to browsers that support those standards. The WaSP Browser Upgrade Campaign can help you craft your own strategy for moving your practice and your audience away from yesterday's broken sites. We've given you code and tips, and created a simple user education page you can copy or link to as you choose.

Report browser bugs

Help browser makers plug the holes in their standards compliance by identifying and reporting bugs. We can't overemphasize the importance of this simple, quiet activity.
        Of course, it helps if the problems you've identified are actually browser bugs, not errors in your markup. First step: validate your page to make sure your markup is kosher. (For one-click validation, install bookmarklets from David Lindquist or Tantek Çelik.)
        If your page validates and you're sure the browser is getting it wrong, report standards-related IE bugs to, IE/Mac bugs via the Mac IE mailing list, IE6 beta bugs at this IE6 bug report page, Mozilla bugs at Bugzilla, Netscape 6 bugs via the Netscape 6 Feedback Center, and Opera bugs via the handy Opera bug tracking system.

Link up!

Show your support! Slap an exciting WaSP banner on your site and get a link back. Such a deal! We've got banners in all shapes and sizes, from some of your favorite web designers. It's just one more way you can help us fight for standards. So be sure to stop by the WaSP BANNERAMA – open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

WaSP propoganda. (Gif animation, 35k, designed by Matt Haughey.)

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Read up!

Stymied for a comeback when people tell you standards are "irrelevant" or "bad for Netscape," or other hogwash? Visit our WaSP F.A.Q. and Education Page for ammo, ideas, and info. And be sure to visit the RESOURCES department to help you keep up with ever-changing specs and technologies.