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Educational F.A.Q.   General   CSS   EcmaScript   DOM, "DHTML"

An expanding directory of sites that can help you make sense of the standards, and prepare you for things that go wrong. If you're new to the world of CSS, XML, and so on, you'll also find our Educational F.A.Q. extremely helpful.


The Motherlode. Includes W3C info, the W3C Validator and mailing list, resources for HTML help, usability and more.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS separates markup from content, and that's a good thing. Stay in style with our selected resources on the evolving spec, support issues, and bugs.

ECMAScript, son of Javascript

Everything you ever wanted to know about ECMAScript (and Javascript) but were afraid to ask. Including the ECMAScript definition, differences from Javascript (and Jscript), bugs, and incompatibilities.

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DOM, Platform Issues & Cross-Browser DHTML

The W3C DOM, useful studies on differences between Explorer and Navigator, Mozilla New Layout, writing DHTML for all browsers, and much more.