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The Netscape 6 Technology Evangelist site includes great info on "DHTML" and the DOM, including:

Updating DHTML Pages
From "DHTML" to the DOM: What you need to know about the layer tag, document.all, and other proprietary extensions and how to work with them in a cross browser world.
Conformance Tests
Test suites covering DOM Core, DOM HTML, and ECMAScript.
Practical Browser Sniffer
Lightweight and handy.
Ultimate Browser Sniffer
When you need more firepower.
DHTML Collapsible Lists
"We've provided a collapsible list effect similar to that provided by the Windows OS using nothing more than the DOM and markup. Create a more engaging UI with these tricks!" (Note: currently incompatible with IE5/Mac.)

Peter-Paul Koch runs the DOM mailing list, launched in late 2000. Koch also maintains a small treasure trove of DOM and JavaScript information, useful to anyone who develops websites.

A List Apart has a tasty series on the Document Object Model in standards-compliant browsers: Meet The DOM, DOM Design Tricks 1, DOM Design Tricks 2 and DOM Design Tricks 3.

Web Review offers a clear, concise introduction to cross-browser DHTML using the W3C DOM, complete with a working example that creates, modifies, and destroys a table.

JavaScript Limitations on a browser-by-browser basis. Solid info, sized to match (126K page).

Aaron Weiss at Web Developers Virtual Library has a fine article on DOM Authoring which even includes some kind words for the WaSP.'s Writing DHTML for all Browsers

Dan Steinman's The Dynamic Duo - Cross-Browser DHTML is quite helpful. (It's also one of the better-looking informational sites.)

Write Once, from Inside DHTML, offers useful articles, tutorials, and demonstrations.

Netscape's move to fully support the W3C DOM and sacrifice backward compatibility with its own proprietary DOM is given its due in C|Net and A List Apart.

Mozilla New Layout – Netscape's Next Generation Layout Engine, with complete support for HTML 4, CSS 1, CSS 2, DOM 1, ECMAScript 1, XML 1, etc.




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