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Word From The WaSP


Spinmeisters and apologists, beware! The WaSP is here to counter your claims with the world's strongest weapon: the truth.

11/07/00: REPLY to MOZILLAZINE. O'Reilly and the WaSP have come under fire for expecting Netscape to fulfill its promises of standards compliance. Guilty as charged.

07/20/00: FOR THE GOOD OF THE WEB: An Open Letter to Netscape. It's time for Netscape to deliver its long-delayed standards-compliant browser, and take Navigator 4 off the market.

04/11/00: HERE WE GO AGAIN. Microsoft makes good with IE5/Mac, backslides with IE5.5/Windows.

03/20/99: DOES THE WaSP HATE MICROSOFT? Is there a secret agenda here? Are we guilty of bashing the best friend a Standard ever had?

10/01/98: WHERE'S THE BEEF? We fondly recall the bold initiatives announced in 1996, and wonder where are the deeds that support those fine words?

8/21/98: DOM de DOM DOM. A great week for the web. A not-so-great week for the spinmeisters at Microsoft and Netscape. The latest buzz from The WaSP.

8/14/98: Whatever happened to CSS-1? Our first Word From The WaSP looks at the truths and half-truths in press statements from Netscape and Microsoft, as they reacted to our launch.


action mission members resources