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11 August: As part of its Standards Now! drive, the WaSP initiated a letter-writing campaign, and issued two press releases. Getitright.txt explains the letter-writing campaign, while petition.txt tells of 1,000 designers and developers for Fortune 500 companies, who signed the petition at Web Design '99 in Atlanta and Web Design World '99 in Seattle.

19 July: The WaSP issued its statement in support of Web Accessibility.

7 April: The Web Standards Project issued its State of the Web Address.

18 March: The Web Standards Project issued a statement on the release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0 browser.

4 February: The Web Standards Project called for clarification on whether a new patent gives Microsoft control over two key web standards. For details, see the news release.

3 February: The Web Standards Project sent out this news release on its Opera Top 10 CSS Problems report.

2 November: The WaSP unveiled IE's Top 10 CSS Problems and challenged the Redmond company to improve its support for the CSS standard. A press release went out in the early evening, and the report was brought to Microsoft's attention.

27 October: Thanks largely to the WaSP's "I Want My NGLayout!" petition, Netscape has agreed to build its new, more standards-compliant rendering engine into upcoming Navigator 5. A press release is available.

7 October: The Open Group and The Web Standards Project issued a press release on our joint effort to create usable browser tests. The collaboration was announced at Fall Internet World.

7 October: From Fall Internet World, NYC, The WaSP distributed a press release on our new War Stories initiative.

22 September: On the eve of Web '98, Boston, the WaSP distributed a press release on our "I Want My NGLayout!" promotion.

22 September: On that same day, we published a release about the formation of WaSP Action Committees.

11 September: The Association of Internet Professionals issued a press release expressing their support of The Web Standards Project.

A German language version of the initial Press Release was published 11 August.

The HTML Writers Guild wrote a press release in support of WaSP on 10 August (our launch date).

6 August: Our initial press release went out four days prior to launching this website.


action mission members resources